Zieg Top 15 at Duathlon National Championships

2013-usat-duathlon-national-championship-03LIncoln athlete Dan Zieg travelled to Tuscon, Arizona where he took part on the Duathlon National Championships on October 19, 2013.

Dan filed this report:

The run course was pretty tough. First half mile was uphill then turned for a false flat going down hill. At the bottom of that hill we turned around and went back up the false flat before a long downhill section. At that bottom of that hill we turned around again and went back up a steep a hill before heading into transition.

I was advised to keep it under control the first 5k run, which was tough not to push it with all the adrenaline and excitement. Averaged 6:50 miles, which was about 30 seconds slower than I was aiming for.

Got on the bike and started picking people off. I watched the course preview video and it looked fairly flat, which wasn’t entirely accurate. There were a couple good climbs mixed in. Never felt that good on the bike. Legs felt very tight from the run up the hill before transition and my heart rate would not come down.

Got off the bike and had to repeat the run course. I couldn’t breathe from the start of the second run. I figured I had pushed it a bit too hard through the bike and would really suffer now. The second time up the hill before the finish was a real killer. A few people passed me on the hill and I just couldn’t go with them, my legs felt like they were on fire. The second run I averaged 7:52 per mile which is pretty bad.

Finished 13th in the age group. Felt pretty miserable after the race and all next day. Got home to Lincoln and couldn’t stop coughing. Went to the doctor and turns out I had a mild case of pneumonia, which explained why I couldn’t breathe the whole time.

It was a fun experience to travel there and compete. It was a great venue and a challenging course.

Also, Arizona has a ton of cacti, it isn’t just a stereotype.