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Jerry Arnold’s Report on RAW

(Jerry wrote this excellent series of articles on Facebook about his RAW adventure, and it is reprinted here. The featured photo is Jerry and his #1 teammate, his wife Judy.)

Part 1 of 5 on RAW

The Start
The Race Across the West (RAW) is an UltraMarathon bike race from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO. Starting simultaneously with, and over the same course as RAAM, the race spans 860 miles and includes some 50,000 feet of climbing. The clock runs continuously with racers and their support crews going around the clock to make their way to Durango as fast as possible, taking rest and/or sleep breaks as needed. Continue reading

Nebraska Championship Road Race and Time Trial

EVCC’s top finisher for the weekend Jerry Arnold in a Dan Farnham photo. 

The few and the proud from Elkhorn Valley Cycling toed the line for the Nebraska State Championship Road Race and Time Trial. The team came away with several solid top ten finishes, with Jerry Arnold scoring a team-high 7th in the time trial and Colby Turpin taking 10th in his first Cat 4 race.

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