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July 15 Norfolk TIme Trial

Periodically, things just go awry. Tonight was one of those times. One person (Richard – but who’s keeping track) thought the race started at 6:30 and when no one was there he went ahead and rode the course on his own. Then he rode it again when he got back and realized what happened.

Once everyone was on the road, Gabe missed a turn and ended up somewhere off course.

Dennis set his fastest time ever though and Richard rode his second TT faster than his first one.

By popular demand, we added another time trial to finish out the year on August 19.

  1. Richard Hake      0:28:17      21.21
  2. Dennis Smith     0:29:20      20.45

Gabe Gubbels Got lost

6-17-2014 Norfolk Time Trial

The June Norfolk Time Trial went off into the wind in the heat and humidity. Jerry Hoff took his first time trial win in Norfolk Race Series history even after complaining of a head cold.

There was also a Bigfoot sighting in the form of John Spray. Welcome back John.

Name Start Finish Elapsed TIme Distance MPH
Jerry Hoff 0:00:00 0:29:22 0:29:22 10 20.43
Gabe Gubbels 0:02:00 0:32:12 0:30:12 10 19.87
Dennis smith 0:01:30 0:32:50 0:31:20 10 19.15
John Spray 0:01:00 0:32:51 0:31:51 10 18.84