Savoie, Anderson Race Iowa – Murray in St. Louis

Kevin Murray raced three races in St. Louis while Rich Anderson and Joe Savoie took in three in Des Moines over the weekend. They met with tough competition and some challenging courses and came away with some really good results.

Breeder’s Hill Criterium
Master 40+
8 Joe Savoie

Men 3/4
21 Rich Anderson (5 – Cat 4)
25 Joe Savoie (20 – Cat 3)

Men 4
10 Rich Anderson

Water Works circuit race
Master 40+
7 Joe Savoie

Pro/Cat 1/2/3
32 Joe Savoie

Men 4/5
19 Rich Anderson (16 – Cat4)

Loop de Loop Grand Prix
Cat 4
10 Kevin Murray

Fairly flat, fast, rectangular course with one technical turn in downtown University City in St. Louis. There were a lot of attacks and a few breakaways, but everyone eventually was pulled back in one or two laps later. With 5 laps to go, there was a crash in the final turn, which is interesting because this wasn’t a technical turn. Thankfully I was able to avoid the chaos, only 3 riders went down. I regrouped myself, got back to the front and tried a few things to no avail. Came around the final turn in good position and earned myself 10th place. Great race, I would love to do it again. Watching 130+ pro/1’s race this course under the lights was something to behold. Simply amazing.

Tour de Grove
Cat 4
16 Kevin Murray

This was a 1.3 mile very technical circuit race. Turn one was a 95 degree off camber turn. If your bike handling skills are sub par and you take that turn hot, you will be eating curb. This happened three times during the masters race and it wasn’t pretty.

There was a quick S turn in the middle of the last half of the course. Accidents were happening here because people were taking unnecessary risks to jockey for position. There were a few crashes here during the 2/3 and the Pro/1/2 race.

The final technical point was the turn into the straight for the finish. You two blocks of straight away when you come up onto a 170 turn into the straight for the finish. If you carried a good position through this turn, that was pretty much where you would finish.

Fifty yards from the final turn, people were making what I viewed as some dangerous and stupid moves. I didn’t want to get caught up in a crash, the medical care in St. Louis is horrendous. I let up a little and prayed nothing was going to happen in front of me. We came around the turn all with our bikes upright. I put in my best effort, made up a few spots and ended 19th.

One thing about this weekend that annoys me about other riders is the need to call stupid stuff out like, “inside”, “outside”, etc…You should be holding your line not cutting off other peoples line because you want to chop the corner to advance. That’s how accidents happen. If you want to advance, then you do it out of the turn or well before the turn. So, just shut up, hold your line, and give your fellow racers some respect. END OF RANT.

Dutchtown Classic
Men 4
10 Kevin Murray

Now I definitely felt that I could do well at this race. Slightly technical with a decent size hill up to the start finish. I’ve been feeling really well in my hill climbing abilities this year so I was feeling good. A 40 minute plus 3 lap race was perfect. Had good positioning for most of the race. Tried for a prime once but just missed it. After that I didn’t want to blow myself completely, so back to the pack I went. Once we started the final three laps, it was very hard to move up as we just turn the leg melting meter to 11. After the final turn we had about 100 meters flat before the 100 meter climb up the hill. I may have started the sprint a tad too late and ended up 10th.

Very happy with all the races this weekend and with myself. Well on the way to completing all of my goals for this season and then some.