Rule of the Week – License changes for 2014

If you have not renewed your license yet, there are some things about your license that USA Cycling has changed for 2014.

(Reprinted from, by Jeff Mertz.)

This year they are implementing what is called the new “One License”, previously when purchasing a license it was good for Road & Cross or MTB & Cross. To add MTB or Road to your license you needed to purchase a $30 “add-on” license to cover the other discipline for the year or pay for a One-Day license to race that “other” discipline for the day. If you were racing on a One-day, you were not eligible for a State Championship.

In 2014 with all three disciplines are wrapped up into one license, you do not need to purchase a One-Day license if you are a roadie and want to race mountain bikes, or a mountain biker who wanted to race the road. It also means, because you have an annual license for all 3 disciplines, you can race for state championships in all three disciplines.

They have also changes some of the race license fee structure.

JUNIORS: Annual License goes from $30 to $35

COLLEGIATE LICENSE: Annual License goes from $30 to $35


As a reminder: Collegiate Licenses are good for Collegiate Races only.

If you purchase a standard annual USAC license, a Collegiate license is free if you purchase them at the same time. If you buy a Collegiate and then decide to get a Regular License, the cost of the annual license is just the price difference between the two, if you buy an Annual, and then later on decide you want a Collegiate, there is a $20 Administrative fee.

ANNUAL RACE LICENSE: USAC has raised the price of an annual license by $10 to $70, this is the first increase since 2003. For some this is an increase, if you race road and Mtn, this will be offset by less one day fees. The following chages as a result of the price increase go into effect For all licenses; Collegiate, Juniors, and Standard.

ONE DAY LICENSE – Road: USAC has raised the price of an One-day trial License by $5, it is now $15. This $15 can be fully credited toward the purchase of an Annual License.

ONE DAY LICENSE – Mountain Bike: USAC has now made the One-day trial License for Mountain Biking $10. Previously this was an optional fee by the race director, and most organizers simply did not charge anything for it, now you show up, show off your new license and you are good to go.

For a full list of the USAC Schedule of Fees:

If you have any questions, as always, ask your local friendly official and we will be glad to help!