Racers in Three States

EVCC had racers competing in three states, in a variety of events. Results were mixed, but we’re happy they were out there.

Kevin Murray went down to Perry Lake in Kansas again for Spring Fling #3 and scored a fourth in the masters race against some tough competition. He is gunning  for a payout for the series and we hope he gets it. Kevin noted on Facebook “Decided to go to Kansas and race again today. Much better this week. Earned 4th place in the masters. Very happy.”

Todd Wixon headed to Arkansas for the start of his mountain bike season and raced the Spa City 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Cedar Glades Park in Arkansas. Todd said “I believe I got 150th place… unfortunately I was not able to finish all 6 hours.” via Facebook. He also made it into a video.

Jerry Arnold traveled even further south and took on the Hill Country 600K in Texas. Jerry reported on his Facebook page: “Ok, just a quick update on my race. The Hill Country 600 was to start at 7 am Saturday morning. At midnight on Friday night (7 hrs before race start) I made the first of many trips to the bathroom with vomiting and diarrhea. A bad chicken/spinach wrap for Friday lunch gave me food poisoning. I still decided to give it a go and started the race at 7 am riding into a 40 degree misty drizzle. I made it about 2.5 hrs before creeping hypothermia, cramps and continuing inability to keep even clear liquids on my stomach forced me to throw in the towel. For the hardy souls who finished the race, it rained the entire time and never got above 50 deg. After the driest year on record in Texas, I hit bad food and three days of rain. C’est la vie.”