Murray Top 10 Old Capital Crit, Still Hates TTs

Kevin Murray ventured to Iowa City, Iowa for the Chris Illig Memorial Cup and the 35th Annual Old Capitol Criterium on May 5 and 6.

Kevin had an overall good weekend, breaking the top ten in two of the three events. As always, Kevin posts some great race summaries in the EVCC events database, which are reprinted below. He also leaves little doubt as to what cycling discipline he doesn’t care for at all.

Road Race

Somewhat boring road race this time around. Nobody was wanting to do anything until the final sprint. There were a few attempts at attacks but they were always brought back. Had good position in the final kilometer. Took a wheel that looked promising and was suddenly boxed in with no way out. The wheel I got on slowed up and let the sprint go by. I had nowhere to go but wait for an opening, I was then only able to move up a couple positions after getting around. 18th place. Mixed emotions on this placing, mostly because of the brutally slow pace of the race.

Time Trial

Two hours rest after the road race before my start for the time trial. Going in to it, I hated time trials. I’d rather watch Haley Berry’s Catwoman than race a time trial. I’m just no good at properly pacing myself. My time wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t bad. My overall placing was 7th and one could say I’m happy with that. However, after it was all over, I still hate time trials.


I love this race, even though I’ve always been lapped and pulled halfway through the race. This year I was hoping it would be different and it was. After the second lap, twelve of us were able to break away from the main field. Two laps later 3 guys broke away from us. I regret not jumping on their wheel. The rest of us did a mediocre job of chasing, we had no organization which was our downfall. With 6 laps to go we were starting to reel them back, but it was too little too late as they finished 25 yards ahead of us.

The officials decided not to pull lapped traffic this year and things became rather confusing as my results were fluctuating between 8th and 9th. Either case, I’m extremely happy with a top 10 finish there. Maybe a win there is in the cards for next year. Now it’s off to the Tour De Grove this coming weekend.