Murray Finishes Kansas Campaign

Kevin Murray tripped to Kansas for a weekend of racing, and managed to get caught on camera in the new 2012 EVCC kit. (Also shown in the photo is Lincoln’s Lee Vineyard in the new Flatwater Cycling kit. )

Read Kevin’s account of his weekend below.


“Raced 2 races, Masters 35+ and Cat 3/4. Both races were fast and fun. ~25 miles for the first race and ~30 miles for the second race. The 3/4 race was definitely the most fun. However, the officiating at this series has consistently been poor, not to mention that they only place 1-11 and everyone else gets 998 (DNP). This is very annoying to people who come out of state. If I wasn’t racing and traveling with 2 other people, I wouldn’t have traveled to this race. Kansas really isn’t a great place to race. As for my own performance, I know now more what I need to work on to prep for Dairyland.”


“My legs were definitely fried from the 2 hard races the prior day. My plan was to sit and and do what I could for 6 laps. A crazy number of attacks were execute right from the start. My legs just weren’t coming around but I was able to hang, then we came to the hill. The first half of the hill seemed promising, then six riders just flew up the last half. My legs were just not able to react and off the back I went. The rest of the race saw me time trialing trying to chase back on. They were just down the road from me and I just couldn’t get back to them. As the race progressed I was going up the hill better each time. Guess I didn’t warm up enough or properly. Seventh place was not enough to guarantee me a spot in the payouts for the series. The whole weekend definitely was a great training opportunity.”

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