Murrary Opens Road Season

Kevin Murray made the trip to Perry, Kansas over the weekend to take part in the Perry Road Race series, scoring a 10 in the Masters, officially opening the road race season for EVCC.

Kevin sums up his two races below:

Masters – Did two races, the masters being the first race. Felt really good and happy with where I am after the finish of the race. Feeling like I am where I need to be to do well at ToAD this year. The hill was brutal the last time up. Need to work on the punch to the top, was 4th with 200 yards to go and just couldn’t kick it.

Cat 4 –  The cat 4 race was my second of the day. With approximately 2.5 hours to recover from the prior race. Felt good to go come start time. Also, the winds were howling at 25+mph from the north. This was a direct crosswind going across the dam, and swirling chaos at the bottom of the damn. Did well considering, there were a number of close calls with people sliding from the wind, but they kept upright which was an attest to their handling skills, but when you are right next to a person who this happens to, your adrenal glands go in to over time. I felt good the first couple laps, the hill was starting to take its toll on me. On the third time up I decided to pull the plug. I figured I would be off the back the next time through and fighting through the wind, just didn’t want to have any of it. Still happy with the 10th place finish in the masters race though.

4 thoughts on “Murrary Opens Road Season

  1. LoupGarou

    Wow, that’s a really old picture, riding Shaniqua before her ultimate demise in the crash of Tour of KC. I didn’t like the pictures from Perry this weekend, I looked like a tubby. 🙂 Hopefully some decent pictures come from the UNL weekend.

    1. Elkhorn Valley Cycling Post author

      File photos are a nice glimpse of the past. Recognize the race?

  2. LoupGarou

    Hard to tell but that platform looks like the one used during the snake alley weekends. I’d say it’s from that weekend. That’s my final answer.

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