Member Profile: Todd Jochum

Todd Jochum started riding with us after catching the singletrack bug. Soon, he quit smoking, slimmed down, and started leaving everyone in the dust. A ride with Todd is always interesting, and always fun. What’s an “ubergubber” you ask? We’ll tell you on a ride sometime. 

Name: Todd Jochum.
Age: 37
Current City: Stanton NE
Home town: Phoenix AZ
Significant other’s name/family: Tina Jochum, wifey. Kaitlinn, teenaged daughter. Malachi, 12 year old Son. Tanner, six year old son.
What pays for your cycling addiction (where do you work)? Norfolk GM Auto Center, my wife and yes… Visa.
What do you do away from cycling for fun? Hanging out with the wifey, Running, weights, cooking, consuming whiskey, building up bikes and day dreaming about singletrack. Oh yeah… Taking the SS on a drive too!
How long have you been cycling: recently… 5 years plus all of my childhood until I got a drivers license.
Bikes: KHS Flite Team, Rig, Trek Fuel EX, Raleigh XXIX G(just a frame now), AND… NINER JET 9.
Favorite cycling discipline: mixed gravel, minimum maintenance and single track rides!
Most memorable race: my first Dakota Five 0, a few of us became directionally challenged and visited the top of old baldy, it made for a very tiring and trying experience.
Highlight of your cycling career: When Tim Powell, Cody Cleveland, Kevin Murray and I took the Manawa 12 hour marathon (4 man division) by surprise and won 1 st place!!!
Goals for 2012: Adjusting to my new life as a civilian. AND be In shape for the FIVE 0! Running from Stanton to my parents house in Norfolk. Maybe a fall marathon. a trip to potters.
If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set be? This is not a fair question to ask someone like me! You must understand that I have a disorder when it comes to fast cars and sweet bikes… I love them all!!!!
One thing you want your teammates to know about you: I LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! I AM THE UBERGUBBER!