Member Profile: Sam Oakes

Sam Oakes is one of our Team Type 1 – Nebraska riders and is a man of many talents. We’re hoping Sam shares the results of one of talents after a race sometime. Confused? Read on. 

Name: Sam Oakes

Age: 32

Current City:  Omaha

Home town:  Omaha (I have traveled far)

Significant other’s name/family: Marisa is my wife.  Barlow is my corgi.

What pays for your cycling addiction (where do you work)?  The Nebraska Medical Center Inpatient Pharmacy

What do you do away from cycling for fun?  Listen to music, playguitar and bass, and homebrewing.

How long have you been cycling:  Off and on since I was 4 or 5.  Got interested in racing maybe 5 years ago.  I had always enjoyed riding and had more time to ride when my last band broke up.

Bikes:  A “few” Bianchis.

Favorite cycling discipline:  I really like climbing, but tend to focus more on time trialing.

Most memorable race:  2011 state time trial in Yutan.  I placed 7th in Cat 4 (1st in age division), but it was more about a personal best speed.  Fun is fast.  Faster is even more fun!!!

Highlight of your cycling career:  2009 Cat 5 Nebraska Rider of the Year.  I made a lot of friends that first year and had a lot of fun racing.

Goals for 2012:  I’d like to finish the Joe Martin Stage Race, shave about a minute off my time in the Joe Martin Uphill Time Trial, perhaps shave off another minute or two at Yutan, learn how to cope with less sleep when my first child is born this summer.

If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set up?  A time trial for short distance with a super aggressive position would be cool, especially if someone made a 11 speed Quarq compatible 55/42 chainrings, provided I had the power to turn them over.  Until then, I’m perfectly happy with my Bianchi T-Cube and D2 Crono Carbon.

One thing you want your teammates to know about you:  I’m fairly vocal, so everyone probably knows about every detail about me.