Member Profile: Janna Vavra

In 2011 today’s featured member was the first female finisher of the TransIowa, a hellish gravel race that bests most of its entrants. We were already proud of Janna, one of our toughest and most awarded team members. Plus having someone on the team who works with  aquatic invertebrates is cool too. 
Name: Janna Vavra
Current City:Lincoln
Home town:Crete
Significant other’s name/family: Paul Chapman
What pays for your cycling addiction (where do you work)? University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I am a Research Technician testing nanoparticle toxicity in aquatic invertebrates.
What do you do away from cycling for fun? I like to be outside hiking, camping, traveling, running, eating, or playing with my nieces and nephews. I also like to eat indoors, but it’s not as much fun!
How long have you been cycling: I discovered competitive cycling about five years ago, but I grew up riding bikes with my parents and siblings.  I have also been commuting to work by bike for the past eight years.  I am an all weather commuter and last year my fun speed (see next question) had more miles on it than my car.
Bikes: My fun speed: Bianchi San Jose single speed, My road bike: Cannondale R1000, My cross bike: Scott Addict CX
Favorite cycling discipline: I enjoy all of them, but single speed gravel rides are by far the best! Cross is a big favorite as well.  Both gravel and dirt require more than just speed to be competitive, I enjoy that challenge.
 Most memorable race: Quad City Crit 2008 – My first weekend of racing in fields with 20 or more women, I was very nervous.  Also my first very bad crash, the impact realligned one hip so it was nearly an inch higher than the other.  It hurt, but don’t worry, I got up and finished!
Highlight of your cycling career: 1st Female Finisher of Trans Iowa
Goals for 2012: Planning to do the local mountain bike races. I’d also like to ride Heck of the North.
 If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set up? Road bike: Cannondale Super Six Evo w/Di2, Cross bike, I think I already have it: Scott Addict CX but Di2
 would be nice on it also.
 One thing you want your teammates to know about you: I like that EVCC’s members are supportive of everyone, regardless of their discipline or ability. I think that is what makes EVCC so great and I’m glad you let me be a part of it!