Member Profile: Glen Houts

Today we feature Glen Houts, who went from great official to even better racer in the spring of 2011. Read what Glen has to say for  himself below.

Name: Glen Houts
Age: 44
Current City: Sioux City, IA
Home town: Sioux City, IA
Significant other’s name/family: Dora (wife), Hannah, Glen “Buddy”, Colin, Kirk
What pays for your cycling addiction? Case Manager, Iowa Workforce Development.
What do you do away from cycling for fun? Camping, reading, cooking
How long have you been cycling: Lifelong, raced BMX from 1980-1984, have ridden on and off since — consistently since 2007.
Bikes: 2007 Specialized Tricross Sport (my do-it-all road/touring/cross/gravel/commuter), 2010 Specialized Rockhopper Pro SL.
Favorite cycling discipline: I prefer to do my training on the road and racing off-road — basically preferring to go for endurance in both.  I’m hoping to try some randonneuring to see if it could be the perfect combination.
Most memorable race: Dakota 5-0.  My 2011 season was “training” for this event.  Add family and lots of friends to a great event/location and what’s not to remember?!
Highlight of your cycling career: 2011 Papillion Crit, Cat 5, 5th place.  Not a podium, but I’d been a spectator at this event for several years and knew this could be a tough/technical course — and it was brutally hot.
Goals for 2012: Would like to move up to Cat 1 mountain bike if my schedule allows enough races and my fitness/skill allow the finishes to do so.  I’ve started running and hope to complete/compete the Exterra BOLT at Branched Oak in August.  Plan to do some short tours with my wife and daughter.  Want to return to regular commuting.
If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set up? Just one?  OK, if I had to choose today, it would either be a Seven Expat SL with a Rohloff drivetrain or a Rivendell Atlantis.  Both fulfill the endurance/expedition/practical nature within me — in different ways: The Seven is thoroughly modern while the Rivendell is pure classic.  Both are stunning from an aesthetic standpoint, and I love a bike out-fitted with fenders, racks, and bags.
One thing you want your teammates to know about you:  I’m always up to try something different on a bike, which means all goals are subject to whim…