Member Profile: Colby Turpin

Good riders and good team members sometimes appear out of nowhere, sort of like Colby Turpin. Colby started out coming to the Norfolk time trials and then disappearing again. Eventually, he started riding with the Thursday Night Rides in Norfolk where his abilities really started to show. He’s had some great results racing and we think he’ll ¬†only get better. Here’s a bit more about him:

Name: Colby Turpin
Age: 25
Current City: Norfolk
Home town: Norfolk
Significant other’s name/family: Parents Kim and Joel, sister Kylie
What pays for your cycling addiction (where do you work)? Target
What do you do away from cycling for fun? Your typical geek stuff: Video games, read, watch anime.
How long have you been cycling: I became interested the competitive side of cycling in ’03 or ’04, but didn’t start really getting into it till ’09.
Bikes: Trek 1000
Favorite cycling discipline: Road’s all I’ve done, but I’d like to get into mountain.
Most memorable race: Probably the 2011 Pioneers Park Grand Prix. It felt pretty good when I realized I was with the lead group, after doing horrible the day before.
Highlight of your cycling career: Medaling in the 2011 Norfolk Classic Crit.
Goals for 2012: I’d just like to keep learning and gaining experience and build more fitness.