Member Profile: Chris Buck

The newest member of our happy family is Chris Buck. Many of us haven’t met Chris and honestly he is one of reasons we started this series on members. We look forward to racing and riding with Chris this year!

Name: Chris Buck
Age: 49
City: Bellevue NE
Hometown: Ames IA
Family: Wife, Venus, 4 kids (2 Boys, 2 girls)
What pays for your cycling addition: Electrician with Thompson Electric
What you do I do aside from cycling: Backpacking, hiking, camping, canoeing, anything outdoors
How long have you been cycling: Back seriously for about 5 years now but cycled a lot when I lived in Colorado in the 80’s

Chris Buck (in green 2011 kit) on his way to a solid finish at the 2011 Flatwater Crit

Bikes: Fisher Cronus Pro (Road), Bianchi San Jose, Nasbar grocery getter
Favorite cycling discipline: Road, but I am really looking forward to trying cross this year
Highlight of your cycling career: Probably the Jackrabbit Hundy last year. My legs remembered it for at least two weeks!
Most memorable race: The Jackrabbit because I won the SS division (although I was assured of a podium going in!)
Goals for 2012: Get enough races in to move to Cat IV in road. Try some cross.
If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set up?  Currently fantasizing about a nicely set up Karate Monkey, but check back with me next week.
One thing you want your teammates to know about you:  Just looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at the races and rides