Member Profile: Brandon Mullins

We first met Brandon Mullins in 2010 at the Psycowpath races and he quickly became part of the family. Brandon, aside from being a family man, is one of the main people behind the Ponca trail system. For that we thank you, well done. If you know Brandon you know he most likely had a hard time talking about himself at all but we got him to share at least this much. 

Name: Brandon Mullins
Age: 41
Current City: Sioux City, IA
Home town: South Sioux City NE
Significant other’s name/family: (wife) Gina, Anna & Elizabeth
What pays for your cycling addiction (where do you work)? Collections at First Financial Bank USA /Actually Mowing and Snow blowing for couple people cover most of the Cycling expenses.
What do you do away from cycling for fun? Finding new things that the Girls enjoy Doing, Boating, Golf & Disc Golf
How long have you been cycling: Most of my life except when I was old enough to drive then cycling took a back seat for a few years started in again in 1999 raced a couple psycowpath races in 2000 fast forward raced first psycowpath race of the season in 2009 as cat 3 and raced most of the psycowpath race since and was talked into cat 2 in 2011. In 2010 added a sprint triathlon in South Sioux City as a coed group with my wife and a family friend and had success in the coed division added another sprint triathlon in Lemars, IA 2011 and again won coed group and we hope to compete in more in 2012.
Bikes: Trek 1000 Road Bike, Schwinn Mesa, Turner Sultan
Favorite cycling discipline Mountain Bike
Most memorable race: Dakota Five-0
Highlight of your cycling career: Finishing the Dakota Five-0, 3rd over all in cat 3 in 2010 in the Psycowpath series, winning the sprint triathlons
Goals for 2012: To compete in the Dakota Five-0 , Better Finishes in the Psycowpath races and to possible take part in the Twin Bing road race.
If given the means, what would be your dream bike and accessory set up? My Turner Sultan with some lighter bits Envy rims and X.X. drive train or Santa Cruz Tall Boy in carbon
One thing you want your teammates to know about you: I enjoyed meeting other EVCC team members in 2010 and Look forward to racing with you in 2012.