Member Profile: Bert Lammli

Tonight we get a glimpse into the life of Bert Lammli: lawyer, triathlete, marathoner. In addition to be a member of EVCC, Bert is also a member of the 50 States Marathon Club, dedicated to the goal of running a marathon is all 50 states. To join, a person has to have run a marathon in at least 10 states. Wow. We hope it gets them all. 
Name: Bert Lammli
Age: 64
Address: Stanton
Significant other: Wife Deb
Where do you work: LammliLockeLaw
What do you do away from cycling for fun? Run
How long her you been riding: 7 years
What do you ride: Trek
Favorite cycling discipline: Sprint Tris
Goals for 2012: Compete again by Christmas