EVCC Scores Big at NE Ominium Weekend

Results are scattered all over the web, with some still MIA, but with what we have we know Joe Savoie was the MAN this weekend with two podiums: 2nd in the NE State TT and likewise win the NE State Road Race. Joe, a former NE State Road Race Champion, is continuing his banner year.

Also on the podium for the weekend were Kevin Murray (2nd Masters at Ashland Crit) and Tony Kavan (NE State TT)

We’d love to report on the rest of the TT results but they have so far eluded us. If anyone can clue us in we’d be very grateful.

And, our apologies to an races we missed in our quest for results.

NE State Championship Road Race
Men 3 –
Joe savoie – 8 (2nd State)
Kevin Murray – 22

Men 4
Colby Turpin – 12
Rich Anderosn – 14
Sam Oakes – 17

Men 5
Jeremy Nicholson -21
Kevin Fox – 28

Ashland Criterium
Kevin Murray – 2

Cat 5
Tony Kavan – 6
Jeremy Nicholson – 9

Cat 4
Rich Anderson – 15
Colby Turpin – 21

Cat 3
Joe Savoie – 15
Kevi nMurray – 17

Nebraska State TT Championship

Cat 3
Joe Savoie – 2nd

Cat 5
Tony Kavan – 2nd

(Other results??)