EVCC Results from the Bone Bender and Platte River Battle Royal

While the road crew was in Iowa for the Twin Bing, several EVCC racers were in Lawrence, KS April 14 for the 5th Annual Boner Bender. All three team entrants, Todd Wixon and Whitney and Brian Porn, scored top ten results, with Whitney taking first in the Women’s Singlespeed.

After the Psycowpth race at Tranquility was suspended due to inclement weather, the next MTB race in Nebraksa was the Platte River Battle Royal. All the team members in attendance lined up for the 4 hour marathon class with Sean Moore being the highest finisher at 10th.

Bone Bender

3 Hour Mail 40-49
7. Todd Wixon

Singlespeed Men
7. Brian Porn

Singlespeed Women
1. Whitney Porn

Psycowpath – Platte River Battle Royal

Marathon Men
10. Seann Moore
16. Brian Porn
25. Jon Downey
26. Kevin Murray
29. Jerry Hoff