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July 15 Norfolk TIme Trial

Periodically, things just go awry. Tonight was one of those times. One person (Richard – but who’s keeping track) thought the race started at 6:30 and when no one was there he went ahead and rode the course on his own. Then he rode it again when he got back and realized what happened.

Once everyone was on the road, Gabe missed a turn and ended up somewhere off course.

Dennis set his fastest time ever though and Richard rode his second TT faster than his first one.

By popular demand, we added another time trial to finish out the year on August 19.

  1. Richard Hake      0:28:17      21.21
  2. Dennis Smith     0:29:20      20.45

Gabe Gubbels Got lost

6-17-2014 Norfolk Time Trial

The June Norfolk Time Trial went off into the wind in the heat and humidity. Jerry Hoff took his first time trial win in Norfolk Race Series history even after complaining of a head cold.

There was also a Bigfoot sighting in the form of John Spray. Welcome back John.

Name Start Finish Elapsed TIme Distance MPH
Jerry Hoff 0:00:00 0:29:22 0:29:22 10 20.43
Gabe Gubbels 0:02:00 0:32:12 0:30:12 10 19.87
Dennis smith 0:01:30 0:32:50 0:31:20 10 19.15
John Spray 0:01:00 0:32:51 0:31:51 10 18.84

5-20-2014 Norfolk Time Trial

The Norfolk Time Trial Series is back! Seven riders came out to celebrate its return on a breezy but gorgeous evening.

Devin Bethune threw down the fastest time of the night while Benjamin Spray took the Junior race.

Full results:

Name Start Finish Elapsed TIme Distance MPH
Devin Bethune 0:02:00 0:25:47 0:23:47 10 25.23
Colby Turpin 0:01:30 0:29:04 0:27:34 10 21.77
Richard Hake 0:01:00 0:29:58 0:28:58 10 20.71
Dennis smith 0:00:00 0:29:56 0:29:56 10 20.04
Jerry Hoff 0:00:30 0:30:29 0:29:59 10 20.01
Benjamin Spray 0:03:00 0:14:28 0:11:28 3 15.70
Ethan Mortimer 0:02:30 0:15:16 0:12:46 3 14.10

Norfolk Time Trial Series Starts May 20

Norfolk-Race-Series-featured-size-300x166[1]The Norfolk Time Trial Series makes its return after a brief hiatus with three events for 2014.

This is an excellent chance to get out and ride a set distance for time to test yourself. Use it to measure your fitness as it progresses over the summer or as a bragging tool with your friends. Either way – come out and join in the fun.

Races will be held on May 20, June 17 and July 15.

As always, the Norfolk TT series is free and, while times are calculated with winners declared, no prizes are awarded.


The course is a rolling 10 mile out-and-back course on an open course. The first rider is sent off at 7PM sharp, with successive riders given the “Go” at one minute intervals. A rider’s meeting precedes each night’s racing at 6:45PM.

In years past, there were divisions for beginners and seasoned racers divided into categories. This format will be adopted again this year based on participants.

Add it to your calendar!

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Race Results So Far 2014

Brian Porn airing it out at Swanson

Brian Porn airing it out at Swanson

Its only April 15 but we’re already behind on reporting race results. Let’s go!

Get Phat with Pat Minneapolis ,MN Fat bike snow race
1. Rhonda Wright

Penn Cycle Fat tire Lopett
3. Rhonda Wright

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout
Female, Expert
2. Rhonda Wright (-37 below- brr)

Iron Mt MTB Endurance Race
Male 40 to 49
14. Todd Wixon

Spa City 6 Hour
23. Todd Wixon

Trek Up The Tower
14. Tony Kavan

Tour de Husker Road Race
Road Race
Men Cat 4
10. Colby Turpin
Men Cat 5
2. Tony Kavan

Men Cat 5
1. Tony Kavan

Truman Lakes “Feel the Burn”
Female, Cat 1
2. Rhonda Wright

Ouachita Challenge Race 2014
37. Todd Wixon

Swanson River City Shootout
Marathon Men Under 40
10. Sean Moore
14. Brian Porn

Marathon Men 40+
28. Kevin Murray

Cat 2 Men 50+
4. Jerry Hoff

Trail Run Men Over 40
11. Kevin Murray

Rule of the Week – License changes for 2014

If you have not renewed your license yet, there are some things about your license that USA Cycling has changed for 2014.

(Reprinted from, by Jeff Mertz.)

This year they are implementing what is called the new “One License”, previously when purchasing a license it was good for Road & Cross or MTB & Cross. To add MTB or Road to your license you needed to purchase a $30 “add-on” license to cover the other discipline for the year or pay for a One-Day license to race that “other” discipline for the day. If you were racing on a One-day, you were not eligible for a State Championship.

In 2014 with all three disciplines are wrapped up into one license, you do not need to purchase a One-Day license if you are a roadie and want to race mountain bikes, or a mountain biker who wanted to race the road. It also means, because you have an annual license for all 3 disciplines, you can race for state championships in all three disciplines.

They have also changes some of the race license fee structure. Continue reading