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Member Profile: Brad Auen

[Brad Auen in Bike Masters colors, McColgan photo. ]  

Today we feature the newest member of EVCCX-Monster, Brad Auen. Some may remember Brad from taking the top spot in the 2011 Cat 3 race at the Maskenthine Psycowpath race. Others may remember him taking the top step at the Bone Bender, or the Lewis and Clark Cat 1 TT. Our own Todd Wixon brought Brad on board and we’re really looking forward to getting to know him better. Below is a bit of information to get us all started.

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Member Profile: Dan Spray

Today’s member profile features one of the founders of Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club – Dan Spray. Dan brings a lot of passion and  ideas to the Club, but most importantly he  brings his wife Karen. (We’d be lost without her.) Dan sets the standard for who we look for in members – good people who ride hard and have fun.  Continue reading

Member Profile: Colby Turpin

Good riders and good team members sometimes appear out of nowhere, sort of like Colby Turpin. Colby started out coming to the Norfolk time trials and then disappearing again. Eventually, he started riding with the Thursday Night Rides in Norfolk where his abilities really started to show. He’s had some great results racing and we think he’ll  only get better. Here’s a bit more about him: Continue reading