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Gravel Worlds 2013

Kevin Fox and Tony Kavan stepped up to the challenge of Gravel Worlds, the annual 150+ mile test of strength in and around Lincoln. Kavan succumded to the overpowering heat and humidity posting this:

Gravel Worlds

Gravel Worlds

“Sorry guys, I DNF’d at Gravel Worlds today. I made it 104 miles and was having some pretty severe heat related issues, despite the amount of fluid I took in, it wasn’t enough.  The nausea and cramping were bad, but when I started to have muscle spasms, that was when I called it a day…”

Fox, on the other hand, called up the strength to finish the race despite being sick earlier in the week. Kevin finished 47th in the Open Men, ad 78th overall.

Kavan crossing Thompson Pass

Kavan Conquers Alaska

…but Alaska bites back!

Tony Kavan traveled to Alaska to take on the Fireweed 200, the “Race Across Alaska.” The race took place on July 13 and started in Sutton, Alaska. According to Tony:

“Finished the fireweed 200 in 13.5 hours. We were on-pace to come in at about 11 hours but the wind picked up and we got our brains beat in by a 20-25mph headwind for the last 70 miles. I hurt in some places. ”

While he was in Alaksa, Tony participated in the Salmon Cycle Series weekly MTB race and took second in his first MTB race.

But, as luck would have it, Tony took a digger on on a sandy descent while riding a mountain trail and injured his shoulder. He is still on schedule for racing Gravel Worlds in late August, however.

Fox and Nicholson Conquer Dirty Kanza

Elkhorn Valley Cycling had its first entries at the Dirty Kanza in the forms of Kevin Fox and Jeremy Nicholson, both of Lincoln. According to its website, “Dirty Kanza 200 is a solo, self-supported, non-stop, 200-mile-long bicycling endurance challenge on the gravel and dirt roads of the Flint Hills region in east-central Kansas.”

On Facebook Jeremy recapped the event:

“Dirty Kanza results are up,
Major props to Kevin Fox for finishing the 200 after major back surgery! Continue reading