Canton Cycling Classic Closes Midwest Flyover

The end of August means heat and racing in and around Sioux Falls.This year, the Sioux Falls races were grouped as the Canton Cycling Classic and made part of the Midwest Flyover Series. The heat and wind took its toll on everyone, including EVCC racers Joe Savoie, Rich Anderson, Colby Turpin and Sam Oakes.

Oakes had the best results of the weekend with fourth in the time trial.

With this race complete, the standings for the Midwest Flyover series are final and Joe Savoie ends the year in 8th place in Men’s Cat 3. Congratulations Joe!

TIme Trial
Cat 4
4. Sam Oakes
15. Rich Anderson

Cat 3
17. Joe Savoie

Cat 4
16. Rich Anderson
23. Sam Oakes

Cat 3
12. Joe Savoie

Road Race
Cat 4
14. Sam Oakes
15. Colby Turpin
DNF Rich Anderson

Cat 3
18. Joe Savoie

Cat 4
12. Sam Oakes
14. Rich Anderson
32. Colby Turpin

Cat 3
19. Joe Savoie