Arnold races Iron Horse Classic, moves on to RAW

Valentine’s Jerry Arnold slipped this post on the EVCC Facebook group page a while back:

This is kind of rushed but I’m leaving on Friday to head out west for some races. The first set will be in Durango, CO where I’ll do the Iron Horse Classic over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s a weekend omnium with the road race on Saturday, a criterium on Sunday and the time trial on Monday.

That is only part one of the message.

At the Iron Horse Jerry had some great results:

CocaCola Road Race – Men B Cat 3-4 50-59 – 13th place

BP Time Trial – Men B 3-4 50-59 – 10th

Morehart Murphy Criterium – Men B Cat 3-4 50-59 – 9th

Iron Horse Classic Omnium – 19th

But Jerry is always looking for a new challenge as evidenced by the second half of his post;

Following the Iron Horse, I’ll finish tapering for the Race Across the West (RAW) which starts in Oceanside, CA on June 11. It follows the same format and runs concurrently with and on the same course as Race Across America (RAAM) for the first 860 miles from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO. This is not a stage race but more like an extended time trial. There is no drafting allowed and once the race starts, the clock runs continuously to the finish. Time allowances for RAW are 92 hrs (3 d 20 h) total running clock time. I expect/hope to arrive in Durango somewhere around 72 hrs. But in a race like this much depends on heat, wind and other factors that may not be under our control. 

All solo racers in both RAW and RAAM will start together on Tuesday, June 11 at 12 pm PDT from Oceanside, CA. I don’t know what my start order will be but riders are given a staggered start on 1 minute intervals. I’m told there are plans to live stream the start. I’m not sure of the exact details, but I think you will be able to find the live stream link at the following web sites. 

If you are interested in following my progress, there are web sites for both RAW and RAAM but you will find much overlap in content between the two. 

The primary RAAM home page is for the ‘Results’ tab for the leader board showing current time station data and standings. The ‘Media’ tab will (I think) have video updates, interviews and other content. 

This link also takes you to a page with updates and video

The RAW homepage is: 
The Results tab will access a leader board with time station updates. I should be listed by name but my number is also R107. 

Once the race starts, most of the video coverage will probably be focused on RAAM, but you will be able to get time station updates on any of the racers in each race (RAAM or RAW).

You can also follow me on twitter @JerryArnoldRAW where son Eric will be updating our progress. Don’t expect this twitter account to be active until closer to the race. Eric will probably get started tweeting as we arrive in CA and get ready for the start. 

Anyway, if you’re interested, look for the EVCC colors to be toeing the line in Durango and Oceanside. Have a good beginning of the summer.


Good luck Jerry!