Anderson Wins Buffalo Bill Criterium

Rich Anderson filed this report on his win (great job Rich!) in Leavenworth, KS:

Sunday I went down to Leavenworth, KS for what is now the last road race of the year.

The race took off, and about a half lap in i must have been feeling good since the race did not seem to be going super fast as in most crits at the start.  A few laps in they call a prime, and about three riders are up the road, I chase them down and after we go thru the start/finish I notice that we have a decent gap for four rider.  There is no cooperation and we are caught.  This happens for every prime lap they call, we get a gap but no cooperation.  About 10 laps to go the field splits up and we are chasing but a half lap later the leaders are sitting up and everything is back together.  With about 5 laps to go I start to get a little excited, since I was feeling good and the race had not been too hard.  I calm myself down and try to not do a lot of work.

As we are about to get the bell for one lap to go I start attacking the group.  The course has a few rises but nothing too steep.  As I go up the first rise i notice a shadow on my wheel, then we turn the corner and go up a slightly steeper rise.  I go as hard as I can.  I make it over and the rest is down hill and flat to the finish.  I go around the second corner of the course and about half way down i look back.  I am surprised I have a gap.   I go around the last few corners and head to the finish I start to sprint since I did not want to be caught right at the line.  I finish alone, not sure how far the group was behind.