Anderson Sets the Standard for 2013

Long time EVCC/TT1 team member Rich Anderson of Bellevue set the standard for the team to live up to for the rest of 2013 in the first weekend of in-state racing at the Tour de Husker held March 16-17 in and around Lincoln, NE.

Photo by Devin Bethune

Modestly, Rich summed up his weekend via Facebook:

Two podiums this weekend at the Tour de Husker. Not a bad start to the season.

In a devastatingly cold and windy road race at Branched Oak Lake, Anderson took 3rd overall in Cat 4, but won his age group over the likes of Dana Stefanidis and Michael Dixon.

In his first race Elkhorn Valley Cycling powered by Monster, Tony Kavan (Juniata, NE) sped across the line for third, only 2.5 seconds off first place.

Joe Savoie stayed in the hunt in the Men’s 1/2/3 race for most of the race, drifting back when Lee Bumgarner took a flyer with Lucas Marshall and Jordan Ross chasing. In the end, Savoie sprinted ahead of Chris Spence for fourth.

Anderson again put his stamp on Sunday’s criterium at Pioneers Park in Lincoln with third overall and second overall in his age division. Teammate Colby Turpin was sixth overall and second overall in his age group.

Tony Kavan (Devin Bethune photo)

Tony Kavan (Devin Bethune photo)

Tony Kavan finished fifth in his category, while Buddy Houts took sixth in his age division in Cat 3 (21st overall) and Kevin Murray was first in his age division (20th overall).

Up next for the team is a triple header weekend with two days of MTB racing in the opening rounds of the Psycowpath series April 6 and April 7 (Bellevue), and the Twin Bing Classic road race on April 7.