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The Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club was formed in 2005 by a group of cycling enthusiasts devoted to promoting the sport of cycling in Northeast Nebraska. The mission was simple: To promote cycling of all types via participation, competition, and guidance.Over the next year, regular group rides were established, several races promoted, and membership flourished. The Elkhorn Valley Cycling Race Team began competing and was very successful.

One of the goals of the Club was to establish local mountain bike trails for public use. An agreement was reached with the Lower Elkhorn Valley Natural Resources District to allow the development of a short trail at Maskenthine Lake. The success of this project surpassed all parties’ expectations and the trail system was doubled in 2007 with more expansion and improvements planned for the future.

Club members are encouraged to involve family and friends in club activities. Family support is a key component in life and sport and that is very apparent within the Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club. It is not unusual for non-cycling family members to turn out in support of a club function even if the member is not present. This type of commitment and support has been the key to success.Members take their role model status seriously and use it to positively influence the community. Club members regularly participate in community activities and youth projects to spread the word about cycling and a healthy lifestyle.In 2007, a partnership was formed with Monster Energy and the Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club became “powered by Monster”. Monster Energy supports the efforts of the Club in many ways, and the Club is proud to display the Monster logos and promote their products.The Club continues to grow and prosper but remains keenly focused on its original goals. Club membership is encouraged as all club fees go toward the promotion of cycling. New members also bring new ideas and enthusiasm which are always valuable. To get involved, contact a member or take part in an upcoming activity.

Address membership correspondence to:

Elkhorn Valley Cycling
2606 W. Prospect Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701

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