EVCC Announces TYR Endurance Sport Drink Sponsorship

2014 kitElkhorn Valley Cycling Club is pleased to announce that it has partnered with TYR Endurance Sport Drink for 2014 and beyond. “The folks at TYR indicated that they are committed to TYR Endurance Sport Drink and were happy to promote their product through EVCC” said Jon Downey, of Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club. Dan Spray added “We are extremely happy that TYR has recognized our efforts and is putting their faith and support behind us.”

“We especially want to thank Bob Boeckman and his team at Mahaska Bottling Company–a long time supporter of the Norfolk community  Bob was instrumental in getting this partnership accomplished.” added Downey. Downey also noted that TYR Endurance Sport Drink is bottled in Norfolk and distributed nationally.

“We also are extremely pleased that long-time sponsors The Bike Rack of Omaha and Lincoln, Cleveland Bike and Sport of Norfolk, and Lloyd’s Drug Mart of Norfolk continue to provide support the the club and race team.” said Spray.

About TYR Endurance Sport

Endurance athletics subject the human body to a significant amount of biological pressure including inflammation, infection and oxidative stress induced muscle damage.  Stresses from strenuous exercise can result in various short and long-term health consequences. TYR Endurance Sport is a high caliber hydration system built for endurance athletes that combines endurance, performance, and recovery ingredients to enable athletes to maximize and sustain their full potential for prolonged periods of time. Featuring Quercetin, an antioxidant that promotes the body’s natural ability to manage inflammation both during and after exertion, our sport drink promotes increased stamina and faster recovery.  TYR Endurance Sport incorporates a superior form of Quercetin called Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin (EMIQ) that is 100% water soluble and has been shown in pre-clinical studies to be absorbed by the body at higher rates than other forms of Quercetin.

About TYR

TYR (PRONOUNCED TIER) TYR engineers technical apparel and equipment for swimmers and triathletes. Named for “TYR”, the Norse god of warriors, we’re a company started by athletes and populated by athletes. The cultures and communities of competitive swimming and triathlon pervade our offices. We are dedicated to re-imagining technologies that help athletes attain peak performance. Like athletes, we work with an intense spirit of competition. We aim to create the fastest, most advanced technologies and products. Always. Established in 1985 in Huntington Beach, CA by Steve Furniss (1972 Olympic Bronze Medal winner and captain of the ‘76 U.S.A. Olympic Swim Team) and Joseph DiLorenzo (owner and president of TYR Sport, Inc. and sister company Swimwear Anywhere Inc.), TYR was initially founded to serve the competitive swim market with fun and performance-driven fashionable prints. TYR has grown into a global swimming and triathlon brand with distributors worldwide.