Monthly Archives: October 2015

2016 Norfolk Indoor Triathlon

Y Tri It flyer 2016 Mail Out Participant Indoor Tri FlyerHere is the flyer for the 2016 Indoor Triathlon. Also attached a flyer for a new program we are offering at the YMCA. It’s call “Y Tri It”. It will train participants so they can participate in the Indoor Triathlon in February. It’s aimed for people who have never competed in an Indoor Tri or for those who want to improve their time!

Auen Wins Mullet Fall Classic While CX In Full Swing

Its one of the best times of the year – who doesn’t love being off-road in the fall? The leaves, the crisp air, the blood-in-the-mouth feeling. Wait.. what? Yes, the racing season is still on, with a few fall MTB races remaining and cyclocross racing ramping up there is still plenty of action.

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Nebraska West-East Record

On Saturday, September 29, with the sun just rising over the Pine Ridge, we headed east from the Wyoming-Nebraska border on a beautiful fall morning for an attempt to set a record for crossing Nebraska in a West-East direction. The route was on US Highway 20 from Wyoming to the Iowa state line on the Missouri River near Sioux City, IA. The day of the ride was clear with light winds forecasted to be a headwind gradually swinging around to the rear. Continue reading