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Anderson Wins Buffalo Bill Criterium

Rich Anderson filed this report on his win (great job Rich!) in Leavenworth, KS:

Sunday I went down to Leavenworth, KS for what is now the last road race of the year.

The race took off, and about a half lap in i must have been feeling good since the race did not seem to be going super fast as in most crits at the start.  A few laps in they call a prime, and about three riders are up the road, I chase them down and after we go thru the start/finish I notice that we have a decent gap for four rider.  Continue reading

HyVee Triathlon

Two at HyVee Triathlon

Dan Zieg and Jill Riese (competing for the first time as a member of EVCC) competed at the HyVee Triathlon 5150 U.S. Championship in Des Moines, Iowa.

Zieg finished 19/25 in the 25-29 age division and 234/597 overall. He was 194/344 in the overall men group with a time of 10:29:06.

Riese was 17/27 in the 35-39 division, 118/253 in women, and 405/597 overall finishing in 11:07:19.

2013 Dakota 5-O

EVCC at Dakota 5-O

Several riders representing Elkhorn Valley Cycling headed to Spearfish SD for the annual Dakota 5-O mountain bike race. The “5-Oh” is on many riders’ “must do” list year after year, with some focusing their entire year on the race.

In the Singlespeed category, Whitney Porn came in second in the female division while husband Brian finished 29th in the men’s division. Both finished with a time of 6:15:52.

Jerry Hoff was 30th in the 50+ division with a time of 6:03:33. Todd Jochum was 130th in the 30-39 age group with a time of 7:08:17.

Auen Podiums at Dakota 5-o

Glen Houts (left) and Todd Wixon enter the singletrack at the top of the long D5o gravel climb.

Elkhorn Valley Cycling claims its first podium at Dakota 5-o in Spearfish, SD thanks to Brad Auen. Auen doggedly looked for an open entry to get into the sold-out race and took home a second place podium  in his age group and a fantastic 11th place overall for his efforts!

Elkhorn Valley Cycling had no less than 10 riders in this year’s race, joining a massive contingent of Nebraska/Iowa riders,  and the club has made the “5-Oh” one of its highlights of the year.

Dakota 5-o Full results


Brad Auen (2nd  Men 20-29 and 11th overall) 3:54 Glen Houts Jr. 5:02Todd Wixon 4:24

Glen Houts 4:40

Brad Auen (2nd place) on the podium at the 2012 D5o

Roy Kotz 5:16

Jerry Hoff 5:53

Whitney Porn 5:59Brandon Mullins 6:53

Brian Porn 6:56

Todd Jochum 7:09