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August Pyscowpath Updates

The Nebraska Lottery Pyscowpath Series presented two races in August this year with both races being additions to the normal calendar. Races traveled to the popular Moorehead State Park in Ida Grove, Iowa for the Moorehead Mayhem and then to the inaugural Calvin Crest Crankfest near Fremont, Nebraska the following week.

Jerry Hoff and Whitney Porn made it to the podium in Iowa and Jeremy Nicholson took the third step at Calvin Crest. Continue reading

Canton Cycling Classic Closes Midwest Flyover

The end of August means heat and racing in and around Sioux Falls.This year, the Sioux Falls races were grouped as the Canton Cycling Classic and made part of the Midwest Flyover Series. The heat and wind took its toll on everyone, including EVCC racers Joe Savoie, Rich Anderson, Colby Turpin and Sam Oakes.

Oakes had the best results of the weekend with fourth in the time trial.

With this race complete, the standings for the Midwest Flyover series are final and Joe Savoie ends the year in 8th place in Men’s Cat 3. Congratulations Joe!

TIme Trial
Cat 4
4. Sam Oakes
15. Rich Anderson

Cat 3
17. Joe Savoie Continue reading

Gravel Worlds 2013

Kevin Fox and Tony Kavan stepped up to the challenge of Gravel Worlds, the annual 150+ mile test of strength in and around Lincoln. Kavan succumded to the overpowering heat and humidity posting this:

Gravel Worlds

Gravel Worlds

“Sorry guys, I DNF’d at Gravel Worlds today. I made it 104 miles and was having some pretty severe heat related issues, despite the amount of fluid I took in, it wasn’t enough.  The nausea and cramping were bad, but when I started to have muscle spasms, that was when I called it a day…”

Fox, on the other hand, called up the strength to finish the race despite being sick earlier in the week. Kevin finished 47th in the Open Men, ad 78th overall.

Savoie, Anderson and Turpin on the road

EVCC’s most prolific road racers represented the team in three races in August: the East Village Criterium, the Arrows to Aerospace Crit and the Papio Crit. Out of 12 starts, they finished in the top 10 5 times, making for some excellent results.

East Village Criterium
Des Moines, IA 08/03/2013

Men Master 50+
6. Joe Savoie

Men Cat 3
14. Joe Savoie

Men Masters 30+
12. Rich Anderson

Men Cat 4
15. Rich Anderson

Arrows to Aerospance Crit
Bellevue NE 08/16/2013

Masters 40+
6. Joe Savoie

Men 3/4
11. Joe Savoie
18. Colby Turpin
DNF Rich Anderson

Papillion Twilight Crit
Papillion NE 8-17-2013

Masters 40+
10. Joe Savoie (5th Cat 3 Master)

Men Cat 4
7. Rich Anderson
9. Colby Turpin

Cat 3
9. Joe Savoie

Swanson Mayhem Closes Psycowpath Season

EVCC and TT1 took home several medals at the final race of the 2012 Psycowpath season. The race was moved from its normal home at Manawa due to the lasting effects of last year’s  flooding. Brad Auen, Jerry Hoff, and Whitney Porn each made the podium while the rest of the team turned in fine performances.

Marathon Men
12. Todd Wixon
16. Brian Porn

Cat 1 Women
2. Whitney Porn

Cat 1 Men 19-29
1. Brad Auen (2nd Cat 1 overall)

Cat 1 Men 30-39
11. Roy Kotz

Cat 2 Men 50+
1. Jerry Hoff

Cat 2 Men 40-49
13. Brandon Mullina

Big Ring Ranch Enduro

EVCC took a pair of wins at the 2012 Big Ring Ranch MTB Enduro.

Solo Champion, Brad Auen finished the 60 mile race  in 5:49.44.

Janna Vavra with partner Paul Chapman won Mixed Team competition in 5:46.08 while Brian and Whitney Porn finished second with a time of 6:55:38.