Twin Bing Classic Road Race 2012

The Event

The 4th annual Twin Bing Classic Road Race is set for Sunday, April 15th.

2012 Race Flyer pdf version is here

The Races
A- (1,2,3) 68 miles (3 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 11:00am
B- (4,5, Women & Juniors) 45 miles (2 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 11:05am

* Any 40+ Master may compete in the B race if they want to.

The Course
Starting at the Sheriff’s Sub-Station, the clockwise course (all right turns) will proceed west on D54; north on “Old Hwy 141” (D25); east on D38 past Bronson and south on K64 back to Climbing Hill. You want hills? We got hills! Some flats too. Good roads all the way around. The finish line is located at the top of the first climb.

The Cost

The Payout
A – 6 places: $150, 100, 80, 60, 40, 20
B – 4 places: $100, 70, 50, 30

The Registration
Day-of at the County Sheriff’s Sub-Station in Climbing Hill (located on the only east-west street through town). Registration opens at 9:00 am and closes at 10:45 am.

Save some time in line: Fill out a Standard Athlete’s Release and bring it with you. Make checks payable to “SC Velo”. Renew your race licence now!

The Rules
The Yellow Line Rule will be enforced. Wheels in, wheels out.

The feed zone will be located in front of the Sheriff’s Sub-Station. There will be water and bathrooms at the Substation. Otherwise, come prepared.

Note: There’s no convenience store in Climbing Hill so don’t show up running on fumes or needing food.

The Directions
Take exit 141 to Sergeant Bluff. Go east on 1st Street.The road becomes D38 after you’ve passed the Fareway store. Head directly east for about 6 miles to the T-intersection. Turn south on D25 (aka “Old 141”). Don’t turn left at Bronson. Follow D25 southeasterly for around 3 miles. Turn east onto D54 and it will take you about 6 miles to Climbing Hill.

From Highway 20: Turn south at Moville onto K64 (aka “Moville Blacktop”) and follow it to Climbing Hill.

The Go-to Guy
Bill Feiges
(712) 251-1404

The Sponsor
Palmer Candy They’re sweet!

USAC Permit Number- 2012-657